On bad firearms info

In the last few weeks, I have seen an amazing amount of bad info about firearms. I hope this helps clarify most of the ridiculous memes.

• There is no “gun show loophole”. A gun show does not automagically become a place where normal ATF laws no longer apply. I normally don’t recommend people buy at gun shows specifically due to the very, very long background check process during a gun show. I understand the term “gun show loophole” means different things to different people, but this covers the majority of the misuse I have seen. You can read about this on ATF.GOV.
• There is no “Internet sale loophole”. You can not just buy a gun on the Internet and have it shipped to you. When you purchase a firearm online, you must have it shipped to an FFL (Federal Firearms License). In addition, any transfer of firearms between states, save those from a gunsmith back to the owner, must be via FFL. Again, check ATF.GOV.
• The “40% of gun purchases occur without a background check” statistic has been debunked so many times it’s getting wearisome to hear it. I won’t go into detail – again, weary of hearing it – but you can read the truth on sites ranging from the Washington Post to John Lott’s works to multiple Harvard Business School studies to FBI.GOV.
• “The US has more gun violence than other countries.” First off, that’s a strawman argument – the equivalent would be saying, “People that own cars are more likely to have a car accident.” Multiple studies by the OECD and the UN have shown the US violent crime rate is not “at the top of the list” as often claimed. Furthermore, you will see a mix of rate and numbers used. Basic math – the USA has the 3rd highest population and our raw numbers may be higher, even when our rate is lower. Check the United Nations and OECD reports for this one.
• Let’s talk about those violent crime rates. Some nations do not list a crime as a homicide until it’s solved as such. Some nations do not list Rape as a violent crime. If you mix and match whatever data you want, then your argument is invalid at best; pure pot stirring propaganda at worst. Again, check the United Nations and OECD reports for this one.
• Crime – and gun crime – is down significantly in the last 20 years even as record numbers of guns are sold. This clearly points out the error in “More guns, more crime” theory. In fact, one could flip it the other way – as gun laws were loosened in many municipalities and states, crime went down. Correlation, causation and all that goes both ways. For this one, check out the DOJ report that was ordered by the Obama administration (that was quickly brushed under the rug) and the annual FBI.GOV reports.
• Criminals don’t follow laws. They clearly don’t abide by “No gun signs”. Punishing the law abiding gun owner for the acts of a few is the equivalent of putting restrictions on sober drivers for drunk drivers. Better yet, with the rise of distracted driving-caused deaths, it would be banning cell phones from everyone unless they demonstrate “good cause” to own one.
• “Just one life” is a tired meme, too. If we cared that much about “just one life”, backyard pools would be banned; fast food establishments would be banned; driving while intoxicated would be an immediate lifetime ban on driving; etc.
• “Gun owners are not racist, violent people.” Ad hominem attacks are the last defense of an illogical mind. The “I know I would not trust myself with a gun because…” memes, too. OK, fine – you should not own a gun, but your lack of self control should not be projected on to other, sane people.
• Please stop using “assault weapon”. This is a fabricated political term. If you read the various states’ laws this becomes even more blatant. Put a pistol grip on a .22 Long Rifle plinking rifle, and suddenly it’s an “assault rifle” in some jurisdictions. This is like saying putting a spoiler on your car makes your vehicle a race car.
• Side note, the AR in AR-15 does not stand for Assault Rifle. It stands for Armalite, the company that first made the M-16 and AR-15.
• One more side note about the AR-15… What is “military style”? Are we really getting to the point in this country where if something looks bad to someone, we have to ban it? I know some anti-gunners would have you believe that the AR-15 is military style since it’s an “automatic” – but that is blatantly false. It’s a semi-automatic, and not a powerful one at that.

That is it for this post. Next time, I’ll answer the, “Patrick, what gun should I buy?” question I get a lot.

Flying Dog Bloodline Blood Orange Ale

Flying Dog Brewery Bloodline Blood Orange Ale – Initial hit of bitterness I attributed to the hops, but it’s only a 40 IBU ale. Coppery hops and blood orange hits your nose, especially in the second taste.

I wasn’t sure about this one at first – was this going to another over hopped hipster beer? One third sip, it opened up a bit and I am enjoying it a bit more. After checking Flying Dog’s web site, I see this one is labeled an IPA, not just an ale.

IBU: 40 ABV: 7%


WoW: Guild Garrisons

Garrisons in Warlords of Draenor – ask ten World of Warcraft players what they think and you will get ten different reasons why they are so bad. Despite being a much maligned part of this expansion, I like the concept – but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Grinding? Check. Prohibitive gating? Check. Socially stifling mechanic? Big check there. 

I would love to see the concept continue into the next expansion, albeit with some key changes. 

  • First off, make the garrison a guild construct. Give rewards for doing things as a guild. Of course, ensure those rewards are mostly cosmetic to ensure we don’t have the guild bloat we have had in other expansions. 
  • Enable guilds to flip their garrison into a PVP zone to encourage the war in Warcraft. Again, give cosmetic rewards like banners of their fallen opponent guilds.
  • Allow the guild to set their own guild racial theme – including cross-faction! It is World of Warcraft, and a Horde guild appearing to have taken over an Alliance stronghold would make the role-players happy.
  • Allow each individual to have his own mark within the guild garrison. For scaling reasons, Blizzard would have to limit the size of that mark – homes may be out – but something like a hitching post or a totem pole may work.
  • If it is implemented with a mine or an herb farm, give those with the gathering skill an opportunity to gather something special. Even better, don’t implement either, and get us back into the world to gather raw materials again.
  • Profession buildings are a major sore spot. Get rid of the current implementation and instead allow those with the proper crafting skill to get a bonus or have to use the building for making special items. 
  • Ensure there is no absolutely ridiculous phase tunnel, as exists between the Garrison proper and the Docks now. Flipping phases leads to jarring shifts. 
  • Absolutely continue the PVP- and Raid-focused specialist buildings. Again, ensure the bonuses and rewards are mostly cosmetic to ensure it’s not a necessity. Special tabards, banners, and battlefield standards would be great. For the raiders, continuing the extra roll for loot is a good, non-game breaking mechanic.

Be an ambassador.

The next attack on our rights is coming – it’s already started, in fact. Stay calm, keep facts at hand, and try to sway the undecided. You will never convince the frothing-at-the-mouth radical anti-civil rights folks, but you can sway those that may not have the facts, or just don’t have any skin in the game.
Please remember you’re an ambassador for all of us. Our foes paint us all with the same brush, so ensure you can do as much as you can to shake the negative stereotypes. Smile. Ask questions, then counter with politely and calmly delivered facts and rebuttals.
Appear open, even if you’re not. You may not agree with someone on 100 different issues, but if you can sway them on our Nature-given right to bear arms in defense, the others may follow. Put aside your prejudice and keep your eye on the big picture.
I keep reading how we’re “winning the gun rights war.” We’re not. It’s a perpetual battle of culture, of individual rights versus statism. Make friends. Be smart.

iPhone 6: White on White

IMG 20150429 075225

This is the Tech21 Eco Mesh in Clear/White. Wife got the orange band so we can tell our phones apart.
The Tech21 cases have been my go-to as they are slim, feel good in the hand, add minimum weight and bulk, and most importantly, actually protect the phone.

Sig Sauer P320 Compact range report

I wheeled and dealed (and I was selling my Ruger GP1001) and ended up with a Sig Sauer P320. It seems to be a current favorite of the gun crowd, and I can see why. The trigger is very good, especially for a stock striker-fired pistol. I would say it’s easily up with an H&K VP9 or a Walther PPQ. It is much better than the old M&P triggers2 or XDM.

Ergonomics are solid. The P320 fits as well in my hand as my M&P 9C, or the H&K VP9, or the Walther PPQ. I find it a bit more comfortable than the XDM series. I say solid and not great, as the slide height/bore axis is higher than my trusty M&P and the grip angle is different. I can draw my M&P and get right on target; that’s not the case with the Sig. Of course, that’s also because my M&P is the one I train with the most and carry the most.

Speaking of sights, they are SIGLITE® Night Sights and are quite good, especially for stock sights. Big enough to pick out, narrow enough to see light around the front sight. I read on the Interwebs that you have to hold at 6 o’clock at 10-15 yards. I found that holding on the desired POI worked at that range for me.

Right now, still debating selling it or keeping it. I want to like it, and I do like 9mm carry guns. Maybe some more time on the trigger to see how rapidly I can get accustomed to the different grip.

Sig Sauer P320 and S&W M&P 9C

1 I know, I know, but I picked up an SP101 for trail use and I don’t like having safe queens.
2 The new M&Ps have better triggers, like the M&P Shield. I also read that Smith and Wesson is dropping the Pro Center triggers across the whole M&P line.

Don’t be a bigot.

Don’t judge an entire race based on the actions of a few.
Don’t judge an entire religion based on the actions of a few.
Don’t judge a culture based on the actions of a few.
Don’t judge a gender based on the actions of a few.
Don’t judge a university on the actions of a few.

TL;DR: Don’t be a bigoted, judgemental asshole.